5 Signs You Need A Detox

The body is an amazing machine, it knows exactly what to do at all times. It knows when to go to sleep and wake up, repairs itself when wounded, protects itself from external threats with its immune system and also cleans itself from toxins with the help of the 5 detox organs: liver, kidney, lungs, colon and skin. It has a complex and effective built-in detox system in place but chronic stress, exposure to pollution and chemicals, lack of physical activities and an inflammatory diet high in processed foods and sugar often compromise this system.

When that happens, we start to feel “off”; fatigued, irritable, bloated, have digestive problems, skin breakouts, poor concentration, or struggle to lose weight.

Do you have any of the 5 symptoms below? If so, your body is probably telling you that you need to detox.

1. Food Cravings

When we crave something, we often blame ourselves for a lack of willpower, but cravings shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about. Cravings are a way for the body to tell us that something is out of balance and shouldn’t be ignored. When you crave something, acknowledge the craving, investigate where it comes from and take action.

Where do food cravings come from?

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: When the body lacks important vitamins and minerals that are needed for it to function properly, we crave foods with the nutrients that we’re lacking as a result.

  • Food Addictions: Highly-refined, sugary processed foods were specifically engineered for us to want more and more. Sugar, trans fats, chemicals and additives in processed foods, are major toxins and disruptors of our built-in detox system.

  • Gut Bacteria: We have trillions of bacteria living in our gut (aka microbiome) that carry on a critical role in digesting the food we eat and in influencing what foods we crave. If we eat healthy foods, we feed the good bacteria. Highly refined and processed foods, on the other hand, feed the bad bacteria that thrive on sugar and refined carbs. The more bad bacteria you have in your gut, the more you crave junk food. By detoxing and implementing a clean diet, you can change the composition of the microbiome, restore your gut health and get rid of cravings.