The myth of New Year's resolutions. Why they don't work and what you should do instead.

If you follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn) you know the month of December is for me all about planning the new year with intention. Why should we wait until January to decide, figure out and plan the year ahead of us?!

If you are a high-achiever, you don't just want to get things done. You also want to pursue a bigger mission and you can't think of doing that without sitting down and planning a little.

The reason why I strongly believe planning is so important is because it puts things in motion. But not just that. When you plan, when you have a vision and goals, you know exactly which objective each of your daily action falls into, its long-term purpose. You understand clearly why you're doing what you're doing and this boosts your motivation, makes you consistent and allows you to achieve a lot.

Why New Year's resolutions don't work: Reason # 1 - They are too vague.

New Year's resolutions is a useless 5-minute exercise we attempt to do each year but that has never taken us anywhere. Seriously, who stuck with their resolutions beyond the 25th of January?

New Year's resolutions don't work because they are a vague idea, a wish, an ambiguous desire of something that we won't put into action. Why? Because they're not specific enough. Our brain has a hard time understanding an idea that is not clear and simple to use.

Spot the difference. "Next year I will work out" vs. "Next year I will work out Monday to Friday before starting work, at 8 am, for 30 minutes, in my living room". The second one is a measurable, specific, attainable goal - it basically has already a plan embedded in it, which makes it absolutely actionable.

Why New Year's Resolutions don't work: Reason # 2 - They are often not personal.