"I started working with Francesca 9 months before my wedding. I had realised a few months earlier that since moving to London (3 years prior) I had put on nearly 10 kilos and hadn’t noticed (since I never weigh myself). I met with her and told her not only did I want to lose these 10 kilos for the wedding I wanted to keep it off! I met with Francesca initially and we talked about my goals, my current habits and we also took my weight and measurements. After discussing some changes in my diets that I was going to make and a workout schedule, we set a very achievable goal for when we met in four weeks’ time. We met every month, and every time I was able to achieve the goal from the month before! What was key for me, was to be accountable to someone. Franci monitored my progress, she encouraged me and helped me find ways to eat healthy but still feel satisfied, which is something I really struggled with. I never felt pressure or judgement from her and that was very important for me. By the middle of September, I had lost 9 kilos, and more importantly centimetres from my arms, legs and waist. I was feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. It has been 7 months now since the wedding and I have managed to maintain my weight (within a kilo or two) and am keeping up all the healthy habits that she helped me develop – especially when it comes to making smart decisions with food and keeping up with exercise. Thank you Francesca for helping me on the road to the healthiest and fittest version of myself – I couldn’t have done it without you!"

Joti, London (UK)

"If I had to describe my coaching experience with Francesca in three words they would be: inspiring, real, stimulating.

It was inspiring because she helped me create, throughout the whole journey, a clear vision of who I wanted to become. It wasn’t just the 10 kilos I had to lose – She also helped me clearly envision who I wanted to be in relation to my career, my relationships, my exercise routine and, last but not least, in relation to food. 

We defined together, session by session, measurable and achievable micro-objectives. By trying new things and listening to my body, some of the action steps I took have become new healthy habits that I now totally own and are part of my daily routine. That’s why I consider this experience real. 

Finally, I found this journey stimulating. Francesca has a volcanic mind – she shared with me podcasts, interesting articles, new recipes and YouTube videos. I’m 35 years old, have a little baby at home and a thousand things on my plate every day – despite that, I learned how to eat in a healthy way and with awareness; I was able to incorporate a 4 times-a-week workout routine; I learned how to find new challenges at work and brought back to light some of the dreams I had since put on hold. Losing 10 kilos then came naturally. Francesca was very down-to-earth and related to me with empathy and humor, in a very practical way. I would recommend working with her to anyone who really wants to change but doesn’t quite know how."

Giulia, Milan (Italy)